The Story Conversation Card 20-Pack (2020)

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The Story Conversation Card was designed for you to share an overview of The Story, using it as a visual aid or guide through the basics of the metanarrative of the Bible. 

Folded similar to The Story booklet, the front cover asks 4 worldview questions to get an idea of the individual's worldview of life/spirituality:

  1. How did it all begin?
  2. What went wrong?
  3. Is there any hope?
  4. What does the future hold?

These four questions then lead into an overview of The Story and it's four main themes, shown when opened (on the inside):

  1. Creation
  2. The Fall
  3. The Rescue
  4. The Restoration

This foldout card helps guide you as you share and helps bring some visuals to the individual you're talking to. 

Size (Folded): 4.25in x 5in
Size (Unfolded): 8.5in x 5in 

Extra Information

7 Reviews

  • Posted by Peter U on 9th Jun 2021


    This format understands the current culture

    Most Christians agree that the gospel must be preached but they often disagree on exactly HOW it is to be done. The Story understands the post-modern culture that we are in and it seems to be written for the non-Churched. It also focus's on one's relationship with God. In “The Unshakable Truth” by Josh and Sean McDowell, they argue that God is a personal God who desires a love relationship and wants us to know
    Him; he reveals himself through his written word but sin entered the world and brought death to the human race.
    ( )

  • Posted by Ken Black on 20th Apr 2021


    No mention of hell or wrath of regarding the result and penalty of sin. We must not malpractice when it comes to our soteriology.

    Very well done material but we should use biblical terms when describing the penalty of sin. Otherwise I love the beauty and clarity of this gospel presentation. Best I have seen!

  • Posted by Lynny Wegman on 17th Feb 2021


    The Story Conversation Card

    I buy Ghirardelli chocolate squares and tape them to the back of The Story Conversation Card. I give them to clerks in drive throughs, any salesperson or clerk, to delivery people (and I add a tip), to service people who repair anything in our house, to someone who has helped me find something in a store, to receptionists, dental assistants, waiters in restaurants, to anyone that God prompts me to deliver. I also made cards for everyone in my neighborhood for Valentine's Day and put one in the card along with a chocolate treat. I don't share much verbally except I tell them - "Here is a blessing."

  • Posted by Nate on 12th Oct 2019


    Conversation Pack

    I have been using this now for 8 years or so and love it and easy to help others engage also

  • Posted by G on 3rd Mar 2018


    Great Overview!

    I selected this version because of the lack of staples. I started a jail ministry of my church. Staples were a concern of the jail. I find the overall content of the booklet helpful in addressing the question of why the Gospel. So, I selected the use of cards for the jail ministry.

  • Posted by Larry Whichard on 27th Dec 2017



    Love this format for a quick presentation

  • Posted by Andrew Tate on 5th Aug 2017


    Excellent product!

    I love the design and quality of these cards. The content is king, of course, but the way you incorporated all 4 parts of the story with attractive graphic design, Scripture, and action steps is remarkable. I really love these cards - a great modern-day update on the old school "tract" of days gone by.