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The Story is a 12-page, visually engaging narrative that explains the Bible's major plotline of Creation, the Fall, Rescue, and Restoration. This booklet (4.5" wide by 5.5" tall) was written with a non-Christian audience in mind to explain the gospel. The booklet's conversation guide on the back panel can be used as a helpful means of engaging someone in conversation to explain the gospel through the biblical metanarrative by asking 4 major worldview questions, How did it all begin? What's gone wrong? Is there any hope? What does the future hold? 

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Designed for the believer and non-believer, the visually stimulating graphics and simplified story-like text make it a great resource to share with others. 



Printed on FSC (Forest Sterwardship Council) certified paper, uncoated/matte finish, this organic feeling booklet is of the highest print quality. 

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20 Reviews

  • Posted by Arlene C Bright on 5th Feb 2017


    i have list family members who are not saved.

    One sister just turned 80, one brother has not spoken to me for over 40 years, another brother for 22 years and a twin supposed accepted Christ on one of our trips to China and will not speak to me at all.
    I sent letter to each apologizing for any offense I may have caused them, re-affirming my faith and my love for them.
    I followed up my letters with the gospel booklets and put a note inside the booklet. No response as of yet, but God's word doesn't return void. This was a deathbed promise i made to my mother as the youngest of seven saved. Instantly booted out of the family.

  • Posted by Pierre on 30th Oct 2016


    Excellent tract!

    This is a great tract for a society that has no framework for sin, the fallenness of humanity, Christ, or heaven.

  • Posted by Will Lohnes on 29th Sep 2016


    Exceptional in every way

    We use these booklets to tell the story of Jesus Christ to visitors who come to our church. We put them in their welcome bag and know that everyone who comes has the Gospel given to them in a clear, dynamic, and impacting way. Thanks for your help with this responsibility of ours to present the truth to guests.

  • Posted by Cory Majors on 18th Jul 2016


    The Whole Gospel

    The beauty of The Story is that it gives the overarching reality of the gospel message. Most people in our culture today need to know the whole story because they have not grown up in church and don't have a context for the gospel message. The Story not only informs a person the how and why of fallen humanity but it gives him or her the hope of a restoration and then calls them to repentance and faith. I have used The Story both locally and internationally and it is effective in both cultures because the power is in the gospel message that it proclaims. I would highly recommend not only using The Story pamphlet to share the gospel, but also the training that is available in the primer.

  • Posted by Janet on 16th Jul 2016


    The Story Booklet

    I love these booklets I sent one to each of my neighbors and prayed over them that God will use them I have prayed over these and anticipate God using them in a mighty way for His glory

  • Posted by Donna on 27th Jun 2016


    Bring back the colors and images of the original

    When I first saw this booklet, I loved it because of the big droplets of water on the green. It conveyed 'clean' 'thirst-quenching' 'life' 'growing'. Inside, the realistic pictures depicting sin in the world was accurate. Now it is only a dark shadowed figure in black. The promise page was simple ...a cross. The new page is confusing. The content is still good, but just really disappointed with the revised format. I take these to a couple of Christian thrift stores to be offered as freebies. No doubt, the bright green would attract the most cynical. I just don't know about the grays and browns that are now predominant in the new revision. I know when I first saw it it sure didn't cause me to want to pick it up to see what is inside it. So I am very disappointed. I came to the website hoping to order more, but I am not sure now.

  • Posted by Scott on 6th Jun 2016


    Fantastic evangelism tool!

    Participated in an mission trip this past weekend and used The Story booklet and cards. I will be going to Africa in a month and they are going with us. Very effective tool to present the gospel in a concise and easy to use format. Love it!

  • Posted by Jeff Dayton on 18th Apr 2016


    My favorite evangelism resource!

    I have used The Story with two different churches so far. Currently The Summit Church uses it in a several ways. We give it out in our guest and new believers packets. And we also have them available at our resource table for our congregation to use in their day to day life. The Story is beautiful by design. It is also very clear and concise. I would highly recommend it to any pastor looking for a great tool to aid their congregation in spreading the gospel!

  • Posted by Unknown on 9th Apr 2016


    the perfect way to share God's story!

    I purchase these booklets as a way to share with my customers the truth of the gospel I love the way the gospel is presented! I find adults and children are interested in reading it. I often have people ask me if The Story is about my business and I have the opportunity to tell them it is about God and His story for their life! If is so much better than the old tracks that used to be distributed.