The Story Bracelet (10 pk)

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Beautiful. Simple. Outreach for all ages.

This smaller kit contains materials to make approximately 10 wordless beaded bracelets that coincides with our gospel booklet, The Story. The Story teaches believers to share the Gospel in four parts: Creation (green bead), Fall (blue bead), Rescue (red bead) & Restoration (yellow bead). This easy to remember way to share the complete picture of the Gospel is ideal for both adult and children. This tool is an excellent addition to your Halloween activities, VBS, Sunday school or missions trips for all ages.


The kit includes:

green, blue, red and yellow woods beads 

waxed cotton bracelet bands (10 ct)

Cards with an explanation of each bead's meaning (10ct, English on one side and and Spanish on one side) following the Gospel Story of Creation, Fall, Rescue and Restoration. Cards have a hole to string the bracelet through.


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